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March 10, 2017 - Marketing News Digest

I'm Aaron Grote, and this is today's Marketing Shot:Chaser - a double dose of the day's best marketing news. 


Facebook Messenger Rolls "Stories" Out Globally

Facebook has been testing a version of Snapchat's Stories feature in Messenger for months. Today they announced the feature, called Days, will be available to all users. There was something a little off about this announcement, which I wrote about here


Facebook's First VR App

Facebook has invested heavily into virtual reality. To date, that investment has been mostly on the hardware side of things, with its acquisition of Oculus. Now Facebook is launching its first dedicated VR app, called Facebook 360. This first stab at integrating Facebook's core property with VR is a pretty limited experience. It's basically a News Feed for 360 degree videos and photos. So we can expect to see major changes to the scope and quality of that integration moving forward.