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March 9, 2017 - Marketing News Digest

I'm Aaron Grote, and this is today's Marketing Shot:Chaser - a double dose of the day's best marketing news. 


Facebook Measurement News

Facebook has had a rough patch lately, with pushback on their reporting and transparency. So today's news of their pending release of formerly exclusive, premium measurement tools could be seen as an olive branch to the advertising community. The reality is, the platform these tools formerly resided in has been in a transitional state for some time, and it has probably been Facebook's plan to make these cross-platform reach and attribution tools broadly available for a while. I, for one, am excited.


Honest Talk on UGC and Brand Safety

This article would have normally been a "dog bites man" story not worth your attention. It basically says, "There are ads in Snapchat. Everyday people post things on Snapchat. Everyday people are unpredictable." Not exactly breaking news. What is worth your attention is the honest talk coming from agency and client leaders about what they can really do about it.