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March 5, 2017 - Marketing News Digest

I'm Aaron Grote, and this is today's Marketing Shot:Chaser - a double dose of the day's best marketing news.

First up is a downer of an article from Digiday about ways fraudsters and bots are getting past verification vendors' filters. So, if we have to assume that delivery metrics will never be reliable, what's a marketer to do? The answer: Obsessively measure toward actual business results. We can do that a few ways. Media mix modeling has potential, but we can also do creative things like prove out a strategy in a highly attributable environment like 1:1, then apply it to less attributable environments. Both of these enable smart reporting without falling into the trap of last click attribution. 

Next up we have The Drum with a story summarizing a new study that looks at how people use and thing about social media. The gist is that people don't see social media as a place to be entertained to the same extent that they used to.