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Why should this blog exist? 

There are so many people out there writing about marketing. Neither you nor I need another person reporting news, writing case studies, or transcribing interviews. So I won't.

My goal is to take a few of those stories and ask, "So what" and "what now." Hopefully by putting those questions in context and in writing, I can help myself and you draw more meaning from it all. 

FTC report eases into cross device tracking, hints at more aggressive future

I'm not an expert here. I'm just a marketer who has a good technical knowledge of this subject, has had to spend plenty of time reading FTC guidance and rulings on other topics, and was willing to spend more time than the average person digging into all this. But for what it's worth, this takeaway is what I'm using to make strategic decisions myself. 

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Is burning cash for its own sake a good thing?

He said that for companies in certain competitive situations, publicly burning cash can be a smart strategic move. And not in a "camel through the eye of a needle" biblical sort of way. Rather, that people watching the ad have a gut understanding that there is "a link between a desirable yet hidden attribute and the cost of doing something." 

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