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I'm Aaron Grote, and this is a SEO experiment

I recently added a second blog to this site. It's meant to be a second home for the daily marketing news digest I've been publishing on Facebook Messenger for a while now. And, while that was the practical reason for doing it, there's a second objective involved as well: SEO. 

This domain currently ranks 19.3 for a search for "Aaron Grote." Yes, the domain is almost on the 3rd page for "Aaron Grote" searches. So I'm testing the assumptions. If I, Aaron Grote ;), publish regular, fresh, topical content, we should see results. 

How am I measuring this? With Google Search Console. My goal is to be top-10 in two months, and top-5 in six months. Bonus points for if I rank top-20 for any marketing term. I'll publish updates at those two- and six-month marks, so stay tuned!

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