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We've gone too far

Holy crap, we've gone WAY to far.

I just saw an ad on a website (I was using Chrome) that used my phone's camera to scroll AR-style around a 360° video. That is intrusive, unexpected, and creepy. There's no scenario in which one could argue the user should believe s/he gave permission for that platform (Doubleclick, according to the referral URL when I clicked the ad to investigate) to access such a personal feature, much less without a per-use prompt.

This does not help our industry. It gives emotional credence (the most important kind) to arguments of privacy infringement. It spurs the adoption of ad blockers. It eviscerates trust. I understand the drive to stand out, to capture attention, to drive this on-platform metrics. I do. But things like this are like taking steroids for short term performance improvement. Sure, you were 5% better today, but long term that $#!+'s gonna kill you.

What's would that look like? Like a GDPR-esque reform push in the inevitable post-Trump political pendulum swing. And that's not good for anybody. So let's try to self-regulate some kind of restraint. For our own good.

In the meantime, can somebody recommend a good ad blocker for me?

Aaron GroteAR, Display, Google, Doubleclick